Here are three goals to set while in a Dating:

1. Focus on good communication: communication is the key to a lasting relationship. Some of us bottle up our feelings. Some of us jump to conclusions and get irrationally angry. Some of us don’t know how to articulate our own emotions. Often times, this leads us to terminate the relationship without 
trying to make it work first. Focus on making your relationship as open and honest as possible. Any time a disagreement arises or you feel unsettled by something, have a healthy conversation about it.
Imagine there’s a therapist in the room with you, allotting a certain amount of time for each of you to speak your side. This will encourage you to listen and give you your space to explain.
2. Don’t sacrifice your own happiness: most of us can recall at least one while dating in which we’ve felt completely lost. Courtship take time and effort; however, that doesn’t mean we should lose sight of our own life goals. Your hobbies, friends, and family should all stay intact. Don’t sacrifice anything that makes you happy, or makes you feel more like you. This also refers to pieces of yourself, like your confidence or sense of humor.
If you feel as if this has already happened, you may want to evaluate your dating or courtship. The right partner will love these aspects of your life.

3. Trust your partner until given a reason not to: jealousy can be a real issue in a while dating. It’s an emotion most of us have no control over and can become all-consuming if we allow it. Since jealousy is such a hard habit to kick, it’s more important to focus your energy on trust. There’s a fine line between being protective and being overprotective. Crossing this line is the fast track to self-sabotaging your own relationship. A little jealousy will let your partners know you care; a lot of jealousy will make them think you’re crazy.

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