Guys, Things You Should't Do When a Woman Says No To Your Relationship Proposal

I have heard of guys that went from sweet to sour after a girl said no to their relationship proposal.

But sincerely speaking, that is a kind of behavior that should not be expected of adults, right?
Most guys go as far as sending to her phone or her social media or Insulting the girl directly but that's not a cool thing to do after being rejected. there are so many other wrong ways guys handle rejection.
Below are some of the wrong ways men react to rejection:

1. Pettiness

So you have a colleague that you've been getting along with just fine. But, you see, after politely refusing your date offer about thrice, she finally tells you plainly to stop trying, because she does not think she wants to date you or even enter into a relationship.

It is wrong to stop being cordial and respectful to her because of this. Real, mature men handle rejection better.
Though you might be pained and the relationship may understandably no longer be as smooth as before, but that does not mean you should start acting petty.
Instead, accept it and move on.

2. Dwelling on their imperfections

You noticed that she might have an imperfection here and there before but you still went on to ask her out, right?
Ask yourself;  would these things be an issue if she had said yes?
Don't think bad of her simply because she said no to your advances. The fact that she said no to you should not diminish all the good things you saw in her in the first instance.

Stop thinking about her imperfections

She is still the same nice and the most beautiful person you planned to have as a partner. Don't get fooled into thinking otherwise.

3. 'Friendzoning'

The Friendzone can be defined as a set of mental and emotional boundaries imposed by a friend who is also a potential romantic partner, which excludes romantic interaction and exclusivity. Applying such boundaries to a relationship (thereby excluding the romantic component) is called "Friendzoning".
For example, if you ask a woman out and she says no, so you ask her if she does not mind you remaining her good friend. This term also applies to the attitudes and behavior of false friends who, being aware of the other person's romantic hopes and feelings, leverage those aspirations in order to take advantage of the other person.
However, you are not asking to be friends with her because you really care about being around her that much, but because you are waiting for a slip up from her that'll allow you pounce, sleep with her a few times and then abandon her completely as a payback for saying no to you.
My guy, just move on, don't do that.
You do not have to feel terrible with yourself because a woman says no to you. 

5. Rebound relationships

Don't be fast on jumping on to another girl because someone says no to you and in order to prove to her that you are capable of dating prettier, more voluptuous woman.
The funny thing, however, is that you are just doing it to prove a point to the girl that said no to you not that you like her.
My friend, don't do that, you are only setting yourself up for more misery and pains.

You don't need to go out with another woman just to prove a point

4. Feeling bad

That a woman says no to you does not make you lesser than you are.
Even if the lady says no in the harshest manner possible, it should never drive you into thinking you are no good.
Yes, you might be imperfect but you remain a great guy and soon enough someone will take a chance on you.
Keep your head up.
Guy, concentrate on your work, you'll get a girl who will appreciate you

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