Qualities Of Love


Love is a type of eternal bond in which one tries to bring joy for other at the sacrifice of his own happiness. Love brings peace and happiness in life, stops violence and lights the heart of people. Love can kill all the miseries of life like sorrow and pain. Love brings desire to live life. Love is not only exits between husband and wife but it is the relationship between two individuals who have consideration for each other it can be between mother and her son, brother and sister, father and child, between a man and his pet dog or between friends. Love is the gift that you can give your dear ones. Love is like a precious pearl and the people who understand the meaning of love will never let it fell down.
Husband loves his wife
Mother loves her child
            Businessman loves their business
Saint loves god.

Qualities of love include but not limited to:
*A person who has not loved anyone is incomplete in himself. If you have never loved anyone, if your life is full of sorrow only love is a weapon by which you can kill all your miseries and bring happiness for yourself and to others also. You can kill the enmity of your enemies just by saying few words of love. You can kill the quarrel just by love.
*love is sign for happiness and it can bring pleasure in life.
*Love is sweeter than sugar, higher than sky and brighter than sun.
*The life of love never comes to end.
*Love never dies.
*The beginning of love cannot be traced in history. It is believed that the existence of love is longer than existence of human being. When a young man expresses his love towards his beloved he may do it by words like I love the way you think, the way you perceive things, the way you caress your dear ones, the way you present yourselves, the way you behave with strangers. This means that if you love a person there may be various reasons for your love. These could be:
Ø  You may love a person because of the relationship that he or she may have with you like mother loves his child because of the relationship.
Ø  You may love a person because of his or her qualities like everyone loves great personalities Example: Everyone loved Nelson Mandela because he was a great personality.
Ø  You love others and caress for them because of your inherent qualities. Example: Abraham Lincoln loved everyone because of his qualities.

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